Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Joe Horn is pretty great:
Joe Horn feels uncomfortable when he’s watching the draft.

The former New Orleans Saints wide receiver cringes a little bit when he watches new players walk to the stage and hug commissioner Roger Goodell. He doesn’t believe the rookies know who, exactly, they’re embracing.

“I don’t like that on draft day these kids don’t know that they’re hugging the devil,” Horn told TheFootballGirl.com. “I hate to see kids that are lost and then happy but they really don’t know that the man they’re hugging will rip their throat apart.

“If he has an opportunity to take money from them, or there’s a situation where they’re guilty before they go to court, he’ll rip them apart,” Horn said. “And there’s nothing no one can do about it. If the owners are happy with Roger Goodell, the fans, the media, no one can take his job from him. I hate it.”
The guy makes a pretty mean barbecue sauce too.  It goes with almost anything. There was that time we tried to put it on our beefy mac, though. (It was a desperate situation. The Saints were losing to the hapless Rams and we thought maybe... Look, don't try this.)

Beefy Mac with Joe Horn sauce

Meanwhile the Saints are starting OTAs today.  Which player will suffer the obligatory season-ending knee injury while jogging around in shorts this year?  The correct guess wins a hug from Roger Goodell.

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