Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Popping popcorn

I thought I had read somewhere that they were going to leave each other alone for a while.  Oh well...

CenLamar: Louisiana’s Most Well-Known Conservative Blogger Has Long History of Scamming Readers

It's funny. But it's not all that surprising if you know anything about how media... and how right wing talk radio/blogging works.  Lamar  references this, in fact.
Perhaps this shouldn’t be too surprising. In January, Ken Vogel of Politico reported on the ways in which the conservative movement is infected by scams, particularly scam PACs that exist only to sell their own mailing lists. McKay considers these solicitations for alzheimer cures and survival knives and tips on playing the lottery to be a critical part of his business, but we shouldn’t dance around the obvious: These are blatant, predatory, paranoiac scams, and it is impossible to take anyone seriously as a writer or a political commentator when they’re actually earning a living as a snake oil salesman.
This scam-PAC system also explains several minor GOP presidential primary candidacies in any given election cycle. It's certainly why Mike Huckabee is in it this time around. It probably also explains Chris Christie, who I'm pretty sure is looking for a job in the right wing media... you know.. doing pretty much what Scott McKay does but on national TV.

Anyway, speaking as someone who runs a somewhat political blog that picks up decent traffic every now and then, I've never understood how or why anyone would ever think to turn that into a money machine of some sort.  All we're doing here, after all, is reading the news and throwing out opinions on the internet. And opinions and internets aren't exactly scarce resources of any special value.  Anyone who says otherwise is probably trying to sell you some gold or boner pills or something.

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