Friday, May 01, 2015

Creeping Portlandia

Between this and the tree-sitters in City Park, New Orleans is becoming a goddamned cartoon.
NEW ORLEANS - The freshly-reopened St. Roch market was the victim of vandals who threw paint onto the front and the side of the building. Several windows were smashed also.

Profane graffiti was was also written in at least one spot.

A photographer who shot video of the scene said that each of the windows on one side was smashed and much of the paint was on the front of the market and on one side of the building.
In a somewhat related true story event that happened to me yesterday,  I walked into a coffee shop and they were just playing this song  on the stereo in utter defiance of all self-awareness. It's getting weird around here and not in a good way.

There's nothing wrong with seeing the St. Roch Market renovation as a symbol of the trendy gentrification happening all around us.  But some idiots throwing paint at it in the middle of the night are probably as great a symbol of that themselves if not greater.  Besides, there are better ways to make ineffectual complaints against bland entertainments that annoy you while also not hurting anyone or breaking things.  It's pretty much what Twitter is for.

The worst thing is now, before anyone can start cleaning up over there, we have to wait for Fred Radtke to come paint it all gray first. Later, the mayor will give a twenty minute speech about how the market is a sign of continued "resilience."  Hope you're happy, kids.

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