Saturday, August 09, 2014

Everybody hates Bobby

Excellent essay by Lamar.  Everybody hates Bobby for actual reasons, not just the superficial "He's never in Louisiana" reasons.
There is a conventional explanation for why Jindal’s astronomical popularity (at one point, he was the most popular governor in the country) has plummeted so dramatically: He seems to care more about building up his own national profile than actually doing the job he was elected to do. If you believe this, then Bobby Jindal is simply the victim of his own hubris, a man who thought Louisiana voters cared more about him being on Fox News than him being in Baton Rouge, a politician who mistakenly believed he was elected to be a celebrity.

That explanation, I’m afraid, is far too generous. Bobby Jindal is unpopular in Louisiana for one simple reason: He’s been a terrible governor who never understood his own state
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