Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Everything Jefferson Parish has tried over the course of its quest to make Veterans Boulevard look less like.. Veterans Boulevard has only succeeded in making it look even more like Veterans Boulevard. Only in an even more tacky way than before.

This scheme is certainly no exception.
To Giorgio, who poured money into decorating his own property there with Roman columns and waving palms, the static canal between Tolmas Drive and Causeway Boulevard was, if not an eyesore, at least a wasted opportunity. Think of what developers do in Las Vegas, where water features are a bauble rather than a blemish. Couldn't Jefferson install similar fountains here?

"I have been to Vegas, and they have the Bellagio. And how beautiful is that?" Giorgio said.

Metairie will find out soon. In late August, contractors will break ground -- or, water -- to install Giorgio's vision: six illuminated fountains that can change color in the Veterans canal, surrounded by landscaped canal banks.
Nobody likes this fetid drainage water we've got running down the middle of the street.  I know! Let's fire it at them through a cannon!

Roman columns, waving palms, and "Vegas" style fountains.  They just... could not be any more Metairie if they wanted to.

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Nolaresident said...

But, but....won't that disturb the nutria or something? I'm sure there must be a law against that.