Thursday, March 13, 2014


James Gill on the Continue Paying  Ron Forman Six Figures For Some Reason millage:
A portion of the increased tax revenue will be earmarked for ANI’s Species Survival Center in Algiers, where we are told the bongo and the okapi are among the animals to be bred. There could be baby unicorns running around there for all we know, because the public is not allowed in.

We know the ANI does a bang-up job though. Anyone who can afford the admission prices will be full of praise for the zoo, the aquarium and all its other attractions.

Taxpayers, who are generally loath to trust their elected officials with a dime, may well decide on Saturday to give the ANI, a private nonprofit, a multimillion-dollar free rein for half a century. That the proposal has not been laughed off the ballot is testimony to the high esteem in which the ANI and its hard-charging president, Ron Forman, are held. Chances of passage are boosted because Forman fans are well-organized and motivated and this is an off-election.
Good to see the tide slowly turn against this thing among the commentariat at least.  (See also Courreges here.)  It will undoubtedly pass anyway, though. 

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bayoustjohndavid said...

Thanks, now I feel like I should actually take the time to vote tomorrow. Am I missing something or has Gusman come out with a commercial for Foti? If the number of prisoners in OPP went from 800 to 7000 (or something like that) under Foti, isn't that an argument against the war on drugs (or something) and a possible excuse for Foti? Not that I plan on voting for Foti, but I had a WTF? reaction first time I heard that commercial.