Saturday, August 03, 2013

Reputational activitities

A short couple years ago BP hired this Pentagon PR flack to be its new.. PR flack.

Back in April 2010, when BP's Deepwater Horizon well was gushing crude oil all over the Gulf of Mexico, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell was coy about a possible military response. "You want to work, I believe, hand in glove with industry here because in some cases they're going to have...better assets than we would," he told reporters.

A year and a half later, Morrell is enjoying those better assets firsthand: He has joined BP America as its new spokesman. Morrell "will oversee external and internal communications for BP in the United States," according to an internal memo from company honchos quoted in The Hill. The memo added: "He will be responsible for leading our communications efforts in the US, as well as playing a critical role with our broader global communications and reputational activities."
Here's AZ with an update on how to follow those "reputational activities" to see how they are working out.

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