Friday, August 02, 2013

Inflammable material

Question everything you're told
Just take a look around you
At the bitterness and spite
Why can't we take over and try to put it right

There's also this from a 2004 Gambit article on Greg's inclusion in a book about subversive cartoonists.
Peters' craft is fueled by his punk rock-influenced DIY personality and educational background in literary criticism, Marxism, post-structuralism, and Buddhism -- all meeting the surreal arena of Louisiana politics. 

And here's Gambit's obit posted by Kevin Allman.

And more after a whiskey or two.

My relationship with Greg was of an increasingly common type these days.  We saw each other every now and again at parties and had several closer friends in common. But thanks to the ubiquity of online correspondence, we knew each other more intimately than we otherwise would have. We traded jokes and arguments on a near daily basis over a now dormant listserv and then later over Twitter. I was a regular reader of his blog and, for a time anyway, I know he paid some attention to this one. We were Facebook "friends" for a while. And then we weren't. And then we were again.

To me, he always seemed like some sort of wizard.   He was intelligent and soft spoken and,  despite the withering sarcasm evident in his prose, a sweet and gentle man. But at the same time there was a power and a darkness in his aspect that always inspired a kind of awe.  There was never a time during our interaction that I didn't suspect he was maybe a little bit mad at me.

I don't know who owns his cartoon archive or whether or not he kept his old blog anywhere after he took it down but I'd like to think those words and images still exist somewhere.

This is the part where Greg should cut in with some kind of angry or dirty but oddly literary joke in order to finish the post.  But I don't have one of those at the moment. All I can say is Greg Peters was an extraordinarily talented person. I'm glad to have known him a little. And we're all a little more impoverished by his absence.

Update: Greg's life touched many others.

Here is more from Levees Not War

And from Mark Folse.

And from Leigh Checkman

And here's a particularly touching remembrance from another mostly online friend of Greg's from a completely different circle.

 Upperdate: I'll keep collecting these as I find them.  Here's Ian McGibboney's cartoon homage.

Uppestdate: And here Allman collects some of his favorite Suspect Device cartoons

Of those I'd say this is probably my favorite.

And this one is a close runner-up.


Mark Moseley remembers Greg Peters in his column at The Lens.


Here's Ray Shea. Can't believe I missed this one.  

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