Saturday, November 09, 2019

America needs this

Coach O has to know he's got a lot riding on today. At the very least, the fate of the Governor's election hangs in the balance. But, probably, Coach O's own future is at stake as well.  He's a couple of years in and things are going well. But once it starts looking like you can't beat Bama, well, no LSU coach has been able to survive that so far.
“Sometimes it’s why you’re shown the door,” Neuheisel said. “No question Les Miles was shown the door because of his inability to crack the code of Nick Saban since 2011.”

Ed Orgeron, Miles’ successor, may have refused to call Alabama by name during LSU’s open week (“Our opponent,” he growled), but he has never shied away from the fact that to be considered a successful coach at LSU, you have to beat Alabama. At least once in awhile.

It has often been this way for LSU when it comes to Alabama. Charles McClendon was Bear Bryant’s first former pupil to beat the master; he did so 50 years ago Friday. But his own nine-game losing streak to Bama and the Bear, from 1971-79, helped hasten McClendon's forced retirement, despite being LSU’s winningest coach ever.
Anyway, as we all know, Trump is going to be there at this Alabama home game.  Maybe this is finally the venue where he might not be mercilessly booed out of there by everyone in attendance. But that's no guarantee.  Especially if the home crowd isn't in a great mood for some reason. What could that be?  Coach O, American needs you to do your part.

If it helps, I think maybe it's time to bring back an updated version of this.
Back in 1946, the rallying cry for LSU was “Beat Bama for Bernie!” a reference to then-coach Bernie Moore and LSU’s quest for its first win over Alabama since … 1909.

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