Thursday, August 10, 2017

The pumps have always been on fire

Due to certain recent events, the new official policy is to actually tell people about it. In very dramatic fashion, I might add. Thanks to a 3am text alert and emergency press conference,  a lot of us are starting today on less than 100 percent of a full night's sleeping capacity.

If we understand the mayor correctly there, the points of particular interest are: 1) The turbine they lost last night is in addition to what sounds like one or two that were already down for repairs for quite some time now. This further underscores the insult of the "Shut up, everything is working fine" party line that just got everybody fired this week. 2) The new outage happened somewhere around 8:00 last night. This makes us wonder why they waited until 3am to sound the alarm. Maybe they did it out of spite. Or maybe they wanted to wait until the witching hour had passed in order to make James Gray happy.

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