Thursday, August 03, 2017

Po-Boy Party

I have a strange suspicion that Melba's is going to end up winning this lawsuit.
The owners of 821 Gov. Nicholls St. were ordered to pay $15,000 — the maximum daily fine of $500 for 30 days — after keeping a short-term rental ad posted online despite being found in violation of the law last month. The owners, who include Melba’s Po’Boys restaurant owner Scott Wolfe, have argued in Orleans Parish Civil District Court that they’re not guilty of short-term renting because customers pay for a $595 po-boy party catered by Melba’s. The night’s stay at the French Quarter house is merely a free bonus, they said.
And in doing so they might send the whole STR debate back to square one, which would be bad but maybe also an opportunity. 

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