Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tricentennial Land

This clears up a question we had about the Six Flags deal yesterday.
The deal also gives the IDB final say over any plan Landrieu’s office draws up, pursuant to state law, but Landrieu is seeking to change that law in the coming months.

A bill that cleared a House committee last week would give the City Council final say-so over contracts the IDB approves, which could include leases, sales or other deals. If that bill becomes law before the city is able to find a developer for the site, it could apply to a Six Flags deal.
The goal is to transfer the final decision making responsibility over to the city. This agreement is just a midway point toward that.

Regardless of who is making the choice, the prospects for the property are still grim. The same pool of questionably qualified bidders has been rejected three times by DIN. It's hard to imagine what the mayor's office can bring to the process that would be any different besides maybe lowered standards. Also there's the incentive of a deadline that comes with the end of Landrieu's term and his desire to turn the city's 300th birthday into his own showcase of personal achievements.  Seems like sober conditions under which to reach a wise decision.

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