Saturday, February 11, 2017

Today is the day we all download the parade tracking apps


It doesn't matter which one you pick.  But the anecdotal evidence suggests that the consensus brand loyalty lies with WDSU.  And that's fine. WWL's app is also good. (There is room on your phone for both!) But WDSU has earned most people's preference by virtue of being the first to roll one out.  They were also an early adapter of providing updates via Twitter. In, fact their @parades feed remains a reliable source of information especially if the app is on the blink for whatever reason. You kids don't know how lucky you are. Back in my day, we had to rely on our wits and a fair amount of guesswork to figure out when the parade was coming or, even, why it happened to be stopped for 15 minutes.  We even had to find non-phone related ways of entertaining ourselves during these little breaks.  It was rough.

Not that these apps are always perfect.  Last year a glitch placed Iris somewhat off course at one point.

It didn't seem likely they could have made it all the out there and back in one of these. 

WDSU Parade Tracker

But then who knows what those things are capable of.

Apparently they've upgraded the vehicles to Lambroghini this year.  Although, I can't imagine they've got more than one of those.

Anyway we'll be looking for it during Krewe Du Vieux tonight.  Is this the second or third year the app has actually tracked them?  I can't remember now.  One thing is for sure, they won't be tracking Krewe Delusion.  We're not even sure that parade even knows its own route itself.  All this article says is that they follow KDV for a while and then turn around. We could ask the leadership but, apparently, there isn't any.
Unlike Krewe du Vieux, Delusion circles back into the Faubourg Marigny after parading through the French Quarter.

This year, the parade decided that it would not name a ruler — unlike any other Carnival parade known in history, it said. Instead, the people will rule.

“Our celebration in the streets of New Orleans will be an uprising of the people governed by a radical reorganization of our current administration,” the krewe said in an official statement.
Radical uprisings are very much the thing these days so I guess that's appropriate. Usually a Carnival parade has a king. But then there are other models available. 

Whatever form the revolution takes, we should be fine as long as we're well supplied in the liquor department. Speaking of which I've got some errands to take care of and only seven more hours before parade season kicks off in earnest.

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