Thursday, February 16, 2017


One thing that doesn't get mentioned a whole lot just yet about the Trump idiom is how it filters down to embolden some of the local brutes. It's going to cause a serious problem.
Joseph Lopinto, an attorney from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office who spoke on behalf of the National Sheriffs’ Association, seemed to relish enraging project opponents. “The federal government failed to provide local law enforcement [in Standing Rock, North Dakota] with support to control hostile, often violent protesters that caused millions of dollars in property damage and shot at law enforcement officers,” he said, while the pipeline opponents yelled so loud his testimony was almost inaudible.

We don’t want the same thing occurring here in Louisiana,” he said.
Oh but it's so rude and uncivil to protest and shout and stuff. But Lopinto's people have all the guns and tear gas and are spoiling for a fight so.... 

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