Saturday, February 27, 2016

Obvious things that need to be said out loud, apparenty

The cognitive dissonance on the part of our friends in the Democratic Party elite is staggering.  It's become too exasperating a thing to even address
To the extent that Clinton’s identity serves as a basis for Henwood’s critique, it is not her gender, but her identification with, and championing of the interests of, the powerful and wealthy American elite that makes her an unworthy candidate.

The Clintons are card-carrying members of that elite: Bill Clinton’s wealth has been estimated at is $55 million; Hillary’s at $32 million. They defend the powerful and the structures that maintain that power, they pay lip service to caring for the not-so-fortunate, and under cover of doing so, find ways to increase their wealth and political power (as the close ties between their Clinton Foundation and its corporate allies show).

The best, or worst, example of this latter tendency may be found in Hillary Clinton’s record in Haiti, where as secretary of state she oversaw an election riven by corruption, active suppression of increases in minimum wages, and incompetent reconstruction efforts — which fattened the pockets of private contractors — after the 2010 earthquake. All this while the US embassy constructed luxurious housing for its staff and the Clinton’s friends secured contracts to build luxury hotels.
These are not trivial matters. They touch on the very essence of why politics is important to people's lives. That is for people who don't have the luxury of viewing the whole thing as a diverting social club or soap opera or something. But we know they aren't running the show.

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