Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Coin tosses

Did Hillary win six in a row? Or four out of six? Or was it six out of eight? I'm not clear even after the clarification here.
At least six caucuses were split between Clinton and Sanders, The Des Moines Register reports, and thanks to an old, obscure Democratic Party rule, the winner of the county delegates had to be decided by a coin flip. Those up-for-grabs delegates, while not the same as the statewide delegate equivalents that constitute the final results, were factored in to the equation that determined the final tally of 700.59 for Clinton and 696.82 for Sanders. Clinton won all six coin flips, according to the Register, apparently proving Sanders’s point about the influence of money on politics. (Update: 1:30 P.M. Tuesday: At least two coin-flips in Sanders’ favor were later reported Tuesday by NBC News’ Frank Thorp.)
Earlier this was a source of some controversy. Winning or losing six consecutive flips is technically a 1 in 64 chance. But every individual coin flip is a 50/50 shot so don't be too surprised when it happens.  Hell, the Saints once lost 11 coin tosses in a row

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