Thursday, July 31, 2014


Your New Orleans Saints practice jerseys this training camp are brought to you by petroleum giant Chevron.


Sure, this suits auto dealer Tom Benson just fine.  And South Louisiana's pro football team endorsing the industry most responsible for consigning South Louisiana to the sea is probably a little bit tacky.

But it's also worth remembering that the team's game jerseys, selected by former owner and oil man John Mecom Jr. are themselves a play on the term "black gold."

In other words, there's nothing left to sell out to, New Orleans. You were bought and paid for a long time ago. Although, Sean Payton did come up with one creative suggestion.

Update: Speaking of selling out, I wish I'd seen this Lens article before I started this post.
In June, Mayor Mitch Landrieu complained that the city netted just $500,000 from hosting the 2013 Super Bowl because the city had to spend so much to ramp up city services compared to what it got in tax dollars.

Nevertheless, documents provided to The Lens show that the city agreed to provide a similar level of service for the 2018 Super Bowl, including police, emergency personnel and enforcement against counterfeit goods, all at no cost to the National Football League.

It’s unclear how much that would have cost the city. The Police Department budgeted $1.7 million “to ensure things go smoothly” for Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, The New Orleans Advocate has reported. In June 2013, police chief Ronal Serpas told the City Council that the department spent $600,000 in overtime alone during Super Bowl week.

In the city’s 2018 bid, the Super Bowl Host Committee promised to cover up to $3.5 million in police and emergency services at the Superdome and official NFL venues. If the city’s bid had been successful — it lost out to Minneapolis — that money may have come from the state, which committed $6 million for the 2013 event.
Darn that NFL!  If only we had some way to stop ourselves from giving them all of our money.

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