Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Keep on fracking

Meanwhile, in Tangipahoa... 
In stark contrast to St. Tammany Parish -- where opposition to a proposed oil well near Mandeville has sparked staunch opposition, anger and tears from many - Tangipahoa has mostly welcomed the industry with open arms.  Three fracked wells are currently producing, a fourth well has been permitted by the state, and about eight other wells are in the works, according to state and parish officials.

This has all happened without the emotional public meetings, recall petitions and legal action that have punctuated the issue in St. Tammany in recent months in response to Helis Oil & Gas' proposal to drill and frack a well along Interstate 12 northeast of Mandeville.

The uproar in St. Tammany over drilling has been the subject of periodic discussion - and derision - among some of the regulars at The Café in Kentwood, owner William Parson said. He and his diners are aware of the controversy and have seen and read news reports about the opposition to oil exploration.

 "We're dumbfounded about why," Parson said.
 "Emotional" public meetings of people worried about their drinking water.  How silly!

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