Monday, April 15, 2013

Can't seem to win

All last year, they're in trouble for inflicting too much pain.  Now they're in trouble again for pain relief.

Many of the lapses in the league’s complicated system were on display in the spring of 2009 in New Orleans. During a four-month stretch, the Saints’ team trainers noticed Vicodin pills had gone missing. On April 28, 2009, according to a civil complaint later filed in state district court, the team’s director of security, a former FBI agent named Geoffrey Santini, was notified. At the instruction of Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis, Santini installed a pair of hidden cameras in the Saints’ training room.

The footage in the first video is in full color, grainy but unmistakable. Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt, wearing khaki shorts and a black long-sleeved team shirt, can be seen unlocking a metal cabinet in the trainer’s office. Unaware that he’s being recorded, Vitt removes a bottle and pours pills into his hand before locking the cabinet and exiting the room.
Note that Vitt is still facing a separate disciplinary hearing for being a grown man and "wearing khaki shorts" in public. Many thanks to the Post for including that detail.  I also enjoyed reading the part where Mickey Loomis seemed pretty excited to rat out the league to the FBI.
Not long after, Santini called Loomis to discuss the situation and recorded the conversation. During the exchange, the two discussed to what authority they must answer.

“Mickey, I am just telling you that is not how it works,” Santini says. “The law is there.”

“We are not talking about the law,” Loomis responds. “We are talking about the league.”
In any event, it's good to see that OTAs are starting today. Anything for Saints news that doesn't involve another fifty thousand mock drafts and wacky trade advice.

Fletcher Mackel suggesting a trade for Tebow has to invoke some sort of Godwin's law of the NFL offseason. Discussion time is over. Other things need to happen now.

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