Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The three genders of medicine

I don't know what Clay is even talking about here but it sounds very inclusive and open minded so kudos for that. 

I have COVID, Becca has COVID, and my son has COVID. Becca and I had COVID early on, in January 2020, before the world really knew what it was. So, this is our second experience with the CCP biological attack weaponized virus ... and this episode is far more challenging. It has required all of my devoted energy.

"We are all under excellent care, and our prognosis is positive. We are very healthy generally speaking, and our treatment of any health concern always encompasses western, eastern, and holistic variables.

Please get vaccinated.  Even if that means you have to like, sing a mantra and drink a matcha smoothie or something while they give you the shot, please get your shots.

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