Wednesday, September 21, 2016

John Bel explains things

So as we're sitting here watching what has become a regular occurrence of civic unrest  after yet another regular occurrence of police somewhere killing yet another unarmed or non-threatening person, let's check in with our Governor to see what he thinks.  It sure was interesting earlier today when we saw that he had said he doesn't think humans cause global warming. What other neat stuff came out of that radio interview?  
A caller identified as Anna from the governor's hometown of Amite, asked for his thoughts on the use of deadly force in law enforcement following high-profile cases across the country, including the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

Edwards said "there's no doubt" that there is a problem.

"Everybody can do better," he said, adding that he supports better law enforcement training as well as efforts to train people with how to deal with police officers – possibly as teens or children.
See? #AllTrainingMatters, I guess. Should we be training police not to wantonly murder people? Yeah, probably. But hey don't think for a second that the victims can't "do better" themselves! Basically John Bel is telling us we need to institutionalize "The Talk." The article doesn't say this but the governor actually suggested adding this kind of "training" to the driver's license test somehow. Random deadly force from police is just one of the hazards of the road. Drive defensively. 

Oh also, would it comfort you to believe that lethal force by police is not at an all time high? John Bel says you have "many reasons" to believe that if you want. 
"The shame of it is there are many reasons to believe the application of lethal force by police officers not at an all-time high," he said. "The difference is that today many of these things are caught on camera ... Because all of this is being captured on camera, the issue is at the front of everybody's – it's on TV, it's on the internet – you see it."
Again, the problem isn't so much that police can and frequently do murder people and get away with it.  The problem is actually that so many dang people know about it now.  If only someone could train them to handle this knowledge with a little more grace, we might finally learn to "do better."

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