Thursday, February 19, 2015

Danger Exploding Area

Edwin Edwards may soon encourage you to "buy some dirt."
Former Gov. Edwin W. Edwards won approval Thursday from the Louisiana Real Estate Commission to apply for a real estate broker’s license.

The vote was 7-2.

The decision came after Edwards, 87, appeared before the commission to explain why it should allow him to prepare and sit for the licensing test. As a convicted felon, Edwards needed the permission of a majority of the 11-member commission to proceed.

Edwards said he thought the brokers license would help as he “works with some friends of mine” in the engineering, architecture and construction business trying to develop property along the Interstate 10-12 corridor from Lake Charles to Slidell.

He said the area is “ready to explode and development has already started.”
One thing that won't be exploding in the area is that Sasol plant Bobby Jindal said was going to blow us back to the 19th Century. ... at least not for now.   But there are plenty other highly poisonous and volatile industries situated along the corridor so Edwards definitely knows what he's talking about there.

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