Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bobby Jindal's monthy newspaper column

This one was a little bit lowbrow even for Politico so it had to run in USA Today instead. In it he writes that Common Core is a bad idea (he was for it before he was a against it) because the federal government is only ever good for having army men drive tanks and stuff.
It is true, the Common Core standards did originally grow from states wanting to increase standards so our students can better compete with the rest of the world. Great idea. And Louisiana was in that group.

But a few things have happened along the way. First, the federal government became increasingly involved. Unless you are fighting a war, the kind that requires tanks, submarines and jets, you really don't want the federal government involved.

"First, the federal government became increasingly involved."  Some day they're going to have to tell us the name of the Fourth Grade student Jindal hires to write these op-eds.  And then we'll have to put that kid in a better writing program.

It turns out, though, that there are a host of not-crazy reasons to be skeptical about Common Core. Some of those are enumerated here by BESE candidate Jason France who, somewhat ironically, posts under the name, "Crazy Crawfish."

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