Monday, January 23, 2017

Have we unlocked the mysteries of space yet?

Came down with a horrid sinus infection over the weekend so I spent most of it laying in bed shivering in the dark. Which seems appropriate given the state of the world.  I was conscious long enough to catch the magnificent inaugural lecture from our esteemed honered (sic) President. Also I made it to one of the marches before I fell out entirely. I'll have pics and stuff later.

Meanwhile, we've got bigger problems closer to home.
A year ago, Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration unveiled redesigned brake tags that prominently feature the expiration year, perhaps making it easier for police to spot drivers who don’t keep their tags current.

But officials then gave the city's diminished police force even more help when it comes to ticketing drivers for expired stickers: They quietly decided to let the city’s parking enforcement officers begin scanning parked cars for the violation.
We'll never get around to smashing the fascists in Washington if we can't keep them off our backs in our hometowns. 

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