Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Louisiana Democrats tried to do a thing today where they trolled Jeff Landry for selectively suing the Governor but not the President over executive orders.
In a particularly familiar topic to the frequently-sparring Louisiana leaders, Trump said Tuesday that he plans to keep intact an executive order signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, that bars discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in federal government.

Democrat Edwards and Republican Landry have been locked in dispute over how far the governor's executive order authority goes in a case related to the same issue — protections for LGBT people.
Ok, good one guys. You got him... sort of. 

My idea this afternoon, though, was for all of us.. not just the Democratic Party spokespersons.. to begin lobbying Landry to join the state Attorneys General filing suit against Trump's travel ban.  We know Landry supports the ban, of course. But the strategy now is to keep up the noise. Get in street, get on the phone, bug your representatives and tell them how you think they should behave even when they don't.

Perpetual and total obstruction and defiance is the only way to beat back the fascists.  No more grand bargains and reach-across-the-aisle compromise crap. That stuff died with the dinosaurs who blew the 2016 election.  Now would somebody please inform Governor Edwards of this?
Meanwhile, Edwards said he thinks adjustments are needed in the order.

“Unfortunately, the President’s travel ban executive order was not properly vetted within the administration to ensure its wording, intent and implementation would inspire confidence, rather than sow discord, anxiety and confusion," Edwards said in a statement. "However, I am encouraged that the administration has recently clarified its intent and adjusted the implementation to address some of these concerns.”
good grief

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