Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Maybe just don't be in the club

As Jason reminds us, the Oklahoma story that is buzzing around this week is hardly an exception. He digs out an older post about a local "problem frat" as an example.
I originally wrote the post during the 2010 New Orleans mayoral election after candidate and now owner of the The Advocate, John Georges, had the chutzpah to declare himself "the black candidate" in the race while simultaneously touting his role as a former Tulane DKE president on his political resume.  My hope in making the post was that Georges would exorcise the demons of his past by denouncing the fraternity's actions and history of racism.  Instead, he simply ignored the entire issue. When opposing mayoral candidate Rob Couhig pressed him about the matter on a WWL-TV candidate forum, Georges wrote it off as simple fodder from blogs that can't be trusted.

I thought it prescient to repost this story today to remind folks that institutionalized racism is still alive and thriving behind the closed doors of collegiate fraternities throughout the South
But it goes beyond just "the closed doors of collegiate fraternities."  In fact, the drawing power of campus greek organizations rests in the assumption that they feed into the elite circles of post-graduate society.  And the fortunes of  those elite circles are based on a long history of white supremacy merged with an ongoing system of political and economic oligarchy.  

In other words the whole damn system is morally corrupt and always has been. It's the point I tried to make when the Steve Scalise story was in play. And it's the thing to pay attention to here. These aren't just dumb kids acting dumb. These are sons of the club following the path that club members always follow so that one day they can be in the club too. 

Don't be in the damn club.

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