Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Great, when can we see it?

Newell is bogarting the good footage.
METAIRIE, La. – An agitated Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand lashed out at a teenager whose family filed suit against the department after he was punched by a deputy during an arrest – an incident that was captured on video and shared on YouTube.

Brady Becker suffered visible injuries from the punches and his case has been a cause célèbre in the news as Becker's family and his attorney held press conferences to denounce the physical arrest.

"I'm mystified by his asking for my deputy's job. He caused this. I expect an apology" from Becker, Normand said.

Wednesday, almost three weeks after the incident, Normand fired back, saying that Becker started the incident and is fully to blame for everything that occurred.

"We didn't start this, Becker did," the sheriff said.

Normand said a longer version of the video than the one that had been released to the public was shot and showed much more of the incident.
Also, "He started it!" is pretty funny, although WWL picked up on that too. 

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