Thursday, May 16, 2013

Serpas signal

It has been a tiring week. I really hope this is the last Mitch-and-Serpas-flex-their-muscles-for-the-cameras event we see for a while.
New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Ronal Serpas confirmed Shawn Scott as the second shooting suspect. In 2007, Scott pleaded guilty in possession of cocaine and heroin and was sentenced to five years probation. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute heroin and was to serve an eight year sentence. He was out on parole until December 2015. Like his brother Akein, Scott was charged this morning with 20 counts of second degree attempted murder. (A person was trampled by the crowd following the shooting and has been identified among the victims, hence the 20 counts of attempted second degree murder.)

"Shawn has a lengthy record and has demonstrated his contempt for New Orleans," Serpas said.
Why should the Chief be content to simply have apprehended the perpetrators of a heinous attempted murder that seriously injured several innocent people?  In Serpasland, it's always better to go on TV an add some weird faux jingoism about "contempt of city".

Perhaps there is some cathartic value in shunning all those whose hearts have betrayed the incorporated municipal jurisdiction that is our beloved homeland. But it probably doesn't fall within the purview of the police to carry out this action in their official capacity.

Serpas is just adding a condescending insult to the very real wound.  Please just arrest the kids and shut up. Nobody needs to hear the pandering bullshit about imaginary treason or whatever on top of it all.

Oh and this isn't very helpful either. 
The New Orleans Police Department’s Traffic Division will conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint in the Orleans Parish area beginning at approximately 9:00 P.M., and will conclude at approximately 5:00 A.M.  Motorists will experience minimal delays and should have the proper documentation available if requested, i.e., proof of insurance, driver’s license, etc.  
Meanwhile, for those of you who do not wish to follow the Chief's example, here are some positive and constructive actions you can take in the wake of the Mother's Day shootings.

You can attend a benefit concert, buy a T-shirt, or just contribute to a newly established United Way fund set up to help  the victims of violent crime in New Orleans.
Gambit’s Foundation for Entertainment Development and Education, Tipitina’s Foundation, United Way of Southeast Louisiana and Silence Is Violence have joined forces to host a special benefit concert for the 19 victims of the May 12 shooting. The concert will be next Thursday (May 23) at Tipitina’s, 501 Napoleon Ave., and will feature local brass bands, Mardi Gras Indians, and other musicians and entertainers. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Tickets to the benefit are $40 in advance and are available online via Ticketweb.

The organizations also announced formation of The 19 Fund, a special fund-raising effort to aid the 19 victims of the May 12 shooting — and future victims of violence in greater New Orleans. The 19 Fund was the brainchild of representatives of the four nonprofits as well as several concerned citizens who volunteered to help victims of the shooting. The mission of The 19 Fund is “to help victims of violence heal physically, financially and emotionally.”
Also, friends and family of Deb Cotton have established a fund to help her with her medical expenses.  The link to donate is here. I've put up an attractive button on the sidebar of this site in case you feel like donating next week or some other time in the future.

Thanks. And drive carefully. 

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R. Orrill said...

I won't bag on the Mayor or the Chief on this one. It's been a tough week. And by most accounts, the NOPD seems to have handled the incident's aftermath well.
And is it called "The 19 Fund" because one of the TWENTY injured people, the alleged intended target, was a rival gang member whom the Scott boys had a beef with? Serious question. I'm all for helping victims, but i'd like for my help to be veered away from a "victim" who is more part of the problem than part of the solution.